Claydon House by Ellington Properties in Dubai

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    Claydon House by Ellington Properties in Dubai

    Claydon House by Ellington Properties in Dubai

    Claydon House by Ellington Properties, One of the most trusted and recognized real estate lifestyle developers in Meydan, UAE. It’s our duty to make Arjan feel like home for everyone every day. Which is why we do more than build properties. We strive to shape communities where people love to live in homes that brim with everything they love.

    Ellington focuses on modern-inspired architecture, a style that combines innovative design concepts with the latest materials and technologies. The architecture emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and greater flexibility in design and create larger open spaces with more natural light. Building embodies the principles of modern architecture while also meeting the needs of people.


    Type Sizes Prices
    1 Bedroom
    840.77 Sq Ft
    AED 1,559,828
    2 Bedroom
    1241.51 Sq Ft
    AED 1,559,828
    3 Bedroom + Studio
    1609.31 Sq Ft
    4 Bedroom + Studio
    3095.16 Sq Ft

    claydon house

    Exploring the Real Estate in Dubai

    Dubai is the gem of the United Arab Emirates which has attracted the world with its skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and dynamic economy. Among its many attractions, the real estate market stands out as a beacon of opportunity, drawing investors from across the world.

    The Rise of Dubai's Real Estate Market

    Dubai’s real estate market is similar to visionary leadership, strategic planning, and relentless ambition. Over the past years, this sleepy desert place has been transformed into a vibrant metropolis, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. The catalyst behind this transformation can be traced back to the visionary vision of Dubai’s rulers, who recognized the potential of real estate for economic diversification and growth.



    Luxury Rooms

    Pool Deck

    Indoor & Outdoor Gym
    Spa Service


    Bedrooom Apartment

    1, 2, 3, 4 Bed

    Starting Price

    AED 1,559,828

    UAE Dubai


    Investment Opportunities in real estates in Dubai

    Dubai offers plenty of investment opportunities across various segments of the real estate markets

    Residential Properties:

    Dubai’s residential market has a diverse range of preferences, from waterfront villas and luxury apartments to suburban developments. With a growing population and strong demand for housing, residential properties are available in real estate in Dubai.

    Commercial Real Estate:

    The commercial real estate sector in Dubai comprises office spaces, retail outlets, and mixed-use developments. Prime locations such as Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are available for investors who seek stable returns and long-term growth potential.

    Hospitality Sector:

    Dubai’s hospitality sector presents opportunities for investors looking forward to the city’s booming tourism industry. Hotel apartments, resorts, and luxury accommodations offer attractive rental yields because of robust demands from both leisure and business travelers.

    Off-Plan Projects:

    Off-plan properties by real estate which are characterized by preconstruction sales, provide investors with the opportunity to secure units at competitive prices. Developers often offer flexible payment plans and attractive incentives to attract buyers, making off-plan projects a popular choice among investors seeking early entry with promising developments.


    Dubai Airport

    20 Min

    Dubai International Financial Centre

    14 Min

    Burj Khalifa

    13 Min

    Dubai Marina

    20 Min

    Palm Jumeirah

    17 Min

    Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

    11 Min

    Payment Plan

    Down Payment

    On Booking Date

    During Construction

    1st to 8th Installment

    On Handover

    100% Completion

    Location - Meydan, Dubai

    Claydon is one of the family-friendly master communities pioneered by Dubai’s leading real estate developer. Located at Dubai and amidst landscaped gardens, it boasts a range of amenities making it an ideal spot for renters and buyers.

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